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Simon Proverbs

Simon Proverbs

Caribzones is the proud sponsor of promising young Barbadian golfer Simon Proverbs.  Simon is seen here during the Caribbean Promise Charity Tournament held at Royal Westmoreland.Caribzones is pleased to be able to offer internet exposure to promising young Barbadian golfer Simon Proverbs.

Simon Proverbs dominated his age group while Nick Voss had a very commendable second place at the Caribbean Junior Golf Championships in the Dominican Republic in July 2005.

Twelve-year-old Proverbs had an outstanding tournament. He led on every day in the boys 12-and-under category and won special mention by the organisers for an historic achievement.

"No other player has led on every day in any category at these championships, " said Richard Proverbs, Simon's father and the team's manager. < Read more >

Simon was part of the Barbados Golf Association Youth Team playing at the Caribbean Promise Charity Tournament held at Royal Westmoreland in October this year.

Seen here with the Web architect and Director of Caribzones, Jenny Tryhane.

Click on photo or link to visit the Caribzones report on the Caribbean Promise Charity Tournament

Simon Proverbs Barbados' young Tiger, click on picture to follow this young stars progress... seen here in control at the Royal Westmoreland charity event Caribbean PromiseSimon always wanted to go to golf with his Dad on Saturdays but was told, "only big men who played golf were allowed." However, he would join them in the evenings at Sandy Lane Clubhouse after a competition to watch the prizes being given out.
Simon had little plastic golf clubs he would take to putt balls on the practice green in front of the clubhouse. It was after one of these evenings that he stated he was going to play golf on Saturdays with Dad.

He was three years old at the time!

Dad took an old golf club and cut it down for Simon and every evening after work, he would sit and watch him "hit" and "putt" the ball on the lawn. The following year the Barbados Academy of Golf was established and they went every Friday evening for Dad to practice driving, so Simon put his club into Dad's bag, as he needed to practice too!

As others who were practicing passed his way they would remark how cute he was but when they saw him hit the ball, they would stop and watch him in amazement!

The Pro Dennis Foster saw him and asked if he could work with him, this is when he started to become serious about golf around the age of five years. He then entered his first competition at Rockley Golf Club and won a prize.

The Barbados Golf Club

At six years old he flew to Trinidad to participate in the Caribbean Junior Championship, being the youngest competitor by four years and was introduced to the Prime Minister. He was now playing at Rockley Golf Resort and Sandy Lane Golf Club.
The Barbados Golf Club

The Barbados Golf Club opened and Simon joined, becoming its youngest member and it is now his home course.

Simon has enjoyed competition in Jekyll Island, Georgia and Williamsburg, Virginia, both at the US Kids World Championships, where he has done very well.

Simon Proverbs He has played at the Caribbean Junior Championships in Trinidad, Barbados and Cayman Islands, where he has placed Barbados at the 9th position in the thirteen and under age group being the youngest in this group.

He has been invited and played for three consecutive years at the prestigious Doral/Publix Junior invitational in Miami, Florida, bringing Barbados to an exciting 3rd position in a very close competition between Canada, Mexico and himself in December 2002.

Simon Proverbs He was highlighted by Caribbean Sports Illustrated throughout the Caribbean, airing his interest, discipline and passion for golf.

He now confidently pens himself for competitions playing with adults and is accepted for his amazing composure and etiquette on the Golf Course, as well as being always complimented on his great respect for his adult competitors and his encouraging words to his competitive partners when they may have not done as well as they would have thought.

His goals are to win the US Kids World Championships and Doral/Publix Invitational, as well as to qualify for the PGA Tour and to earn a degree in business.

His latest win was in April 2003 at the Barbados Golf Club's Carib Tournament, Junior Section.

Most important of all, he now goes to Golf with his Dad on Saturdays
and plays golf with big boys!

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