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The Caribbean

Caribbean sailingWelcome to Caribzones connecting you with the wonderful islands of the Caribbean. Chose one island for your entire stay, or island hop in order to experience the diversity of the region.

The Caribbean is the ideal sailing holiday destination. The Grenadines, offers the ultimate in sailing with conditions at sea ranging from challenging to relaxing and an island chain of hospitable ports of call waiting to welcome the traveller.

Sailing enthusiasts shouldn't miss Antigua sailing week and Grenada sailing week as well as the regattas in many islands including Carriacou.

Beneath the calm coastal waters of the Caribbean there is a magnificent underwater world of reefs, wrecks and fascinating marine life. Caribbean diving holidays have much to offer divers at every level of expertise. Barbados is a popular diving destination.Order FREE Travel Brochure!

All of the islands offer interesting island tours, either safaris tours by jeep into the unspoilt interiors or hiking expeditions through rainforests and along river or coastal trails.

Dominica boasts one of the largest whale breeding areas on the planet and offers wonderful whale and dolphin watching trips. You can hike in St. Vincent, take a safari tour in Antigua or go birdwatching in St. Lucia.

The islands of the Caribbean have realised the importance of sustainable tourism and the region's natural beauty and many unspoilt areas have made it a popular ecotourism destination. Nature and Wildlife Tours - Order FREE Travel Brochure!

Whichever Caribbean island you visit you are assured of warm weather and an equally warm welcome.

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Sailing & cruising in the Grenadines can be relaxing or invigorating... you choose. Secluded bays, incredible scuba diving sites and interesting islands to visit for restaurants, bars and shopping.

St Vincent and Grenadines - Order FREE Travel Brochure!

St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Young Island Rustic and romantic Young Island provides a perfect start to your sailing or cruising holiday - whether for a day, or weeks - beautiful Bequia exclusive Mustique unspoilt, simple Carriacou all offer tranquility, fine dining and entertainment.



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Beautiful, clean, clear waters... good surf, great winds for sailing and windsurfing.
Its location below the hurricane belt has made Barbados into the number one Caribbean diving destination.

Barbados - Order FREE Travel Brochure!

Horse racing Barbados is the sports capital of the Caribbean.
King cricket still rules but netball, hockey and football are all fast becoming popular sports holiday options.
International polo and horse racing are a must.

Sports tour packages are customized to suit your needs and are available in a wide range of disciplines, year round. As a result all associated tour costs vary with the type of sport, number of fixtures required, numbers traveling and proposed travel dates.

Due to special arrangements with local suppliers, we are able to offer discounted rates or special concessions to touring teams for popular interest trips and excursions which are only available when booked through Caribzones.

Rumpy Pumpy! Barbados offers an excellent range of accommodation including luxury villas and luxury hotels as well as a variety of budget choices.

Grenada & Carriacou

Grenada In contrast to the small sandy attols and beaches of the Grenadines chain, Grenada is mountainous and lush. The bustling harbour of St. George's severely damaged by hurricane Ivan still welcomes the traveller with colourful shops, bars and restaurants, streets rise steeply from the waterfront to the town's interior.

Grenada - Order FREE Travel Brochure!

Grenada’s people are now in a ‘re-building’ phase, demonstrating with courage and fortitude that this formerly upwardly mobile country will rise again. There are assurances from Government that Cricket World Cup is still on line for 2007, aided by the premature demolition of the old stadium! Nature is also in a recovery phase and although it will take many years to replace the magnificent trees that were lost, the wind-burnt brown is gradually being replaced by Grenada’s signature green.

Carriacou The tiny island of Carriacou, situated to the north of Grenada, is a taste of the old Caribbean precious and unspoilt. The hospitality is excellent and the diving and sailing are first class

St. Lucia

st Lucia vacations A wealth of sheltered coves awaits you as you cruise down St. Lucia's Caribbean coastline.
An island tour of St Lucia reveals vast banana plantations, a steamy rainforest, historical monuments and a drive-in volcano! Great hiking and trekking territory.

The bustling town of Castries in the north west, near one of the Caribbean's premier marinas, has market places, excellent restaurants and plenty of entertainment!
St Lucia - Order FREE Travel Brochure!


Antigua The twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda offer a wide variety of holiday activities including dynamic sailing, excellent diving, all types of watersports plus land activities including tennis and golf.
The tropical rainforest and the Potworks Dam offer good venues for birdwatching and safari tours will take you off the beaten track into the picturesque interior.

Antiqua & Barbuda - Order FREE Travel Brochure!

Visits to Carib Village hiking birdwatching and whale watching in Dominica - with Jabal tours -information on the Grenadines  and the Caribbean - adventure cruising holidays birdwatching whale watching off Dominica hiking  and other eco tourism activities

The first Caribs arrived in Dominica 1,000 years ago and their descendants still practise traditional farming and basket weaving, in the area known as Carib Territory.

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The increasing interest in Eco Tourism bodes well for Dominica, offering as it does vast areas of untouched interiors, ideal for exploring by jeep or on foot. The emphasis on Eco Tourism brings whale and dolphin watchers, who are thrilled with the diversity of species that gather off Dominica in the breeding and calving grounds. Dominica


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