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BARBADOS - parish festivals

This costume, part of the Bajana Kadooment Band, is entitled MascollÕisionNews Flash July 2006

MASCOLL MAS'. You can't keep politics out of Crop-Over. This costume, part of the Bajana Kadooment Band, is entitled Mascoll'ision. It portrays the cross-over of politician Clyde Mascoll from the Democratic Labour Party to the Barbados Labour Party. The front is all red representing the colours of the BLP and the back blue to signify the DLP. Designer and bandleader Deij Britynee-Carter (sitting) is seen here making adjustments to Stacy Norville's costume at the Bajana Mas' Camp.

Date July 19, 2006
Brief Systems go for Soca on Hill Compliments of the Nation News

THE STAGE IS all set for one of the biggest Crop-Over events this year, the inaugural all-day Soca On The Hill at the Farley Hill National Park, Sunday.

Doughty ( above left) revelling in his victory as Shorey congratulates the new champion.  at the Oistins Fish Festival


Chairman of the Oistins Fish Festival Committee, Dan Carter, is promising that next year's event will be even better, as special activities were being planned to coincide with Cricket World Cup 2007. In the popular dolphin-skinning and fish-boning competitions, there was an upset yesterday. Former champion, six-time winner Tyrone "Dolphin" Shorey, was dethroned by Fabian Doughty and had to settle for second place in the dolphin competition. Another first was Ruth Layne, who was the top fish-boner. Here, Doughty ( above left) revelling in his victory as Shorey congratulates the new champion.

THERE WAS FOOD, drink, music, jumping tents, fashion shows, and even casino style gambling tables at Oistins Fish Festival 2006 yesterday.

Hundreds of people descended on Oistins, Christ Church, to experience another year of fun and competition and both were in high supply, under the watchful eye of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

Ruth Layne showing off her winning work after the fish boning competition.  at the Oistins Fish Festival

From the boat competition, to the much anticipated FirstCaribbean Bank-sponsored dolphin skinning and Chefette-sponsored fish-boning competitions, to the all-new fish fry competition, there was something for everyone. < Read more >

Congaline Music Festival

'It is ironic that Barbados' historical cultural diversity is the main characteristic that will make the country unique in the face of globalisation.'
Southern Palms steelpan This is the view of Minister of Health Senator Jerome Walcott, who addressed the opening of the ninth Congaline Festival And Trade Fair at Dover.
"This cultural diversity has occurred as a result of our history but now, ironically, it forms the basis for us to inform the world that we are important via our arts, dance, music, and of course, steelpan," he said.

The Congaline Music Festival is a three dimensional approach to the development of Barbados' entertainment industry. Four days of music and partying are accompanied by a Trade Fair, exposing the potential of the industry, and the Congaline Symposium which brings together leading practitioners in the world of entertainment.
Congaline Symposium 2003

St. James festivals

Holders Season

Diamonds International one of the sponsors of Holders Festival Founded in 1993 to develop the culture and love of classical music, Holders Festival is held annually in March at Holders House.
Experience classical concerts performed under the stars, with quality singers and musicians assembled for a classical musical treat.

Holetown Festival

Mr. Alfred Pragnell, a popular local commentator, was the originator of the Holetown Festival, he thought it was time for Barbadians to take note of their rich cultural history. With the help of friends the concept of the Holetown Festival developed. The festival was opened in February 1977 by the then Senator Lionel Craig. It has grown into the 'peoples festival' allowing a wide cross section of our divers community to benefit – financially, culturally, and spiritually. In mid February every year the festival celebrates the discovery of our beautiful land by the British. The streets are filled with stalls selling local food and handicrafts. There is a choice to suit every taste from Chinese to Indian, African to American, Caribbean and European. Music is perfuse and the atmosphere electric as local dancers perform and stilt men strut about twelve foot tall!



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Festivals in St. Michael

Barbados Crop Over  Carnival 2003


Bridgetown is the capital and cultural centre of Barbados. Festivals are the living expression of our creative, imaginative people. These cultural extravaganzas reflect the dynamism of our local culture. Over the years street festivals have become an art form in Barbados and some of the best occur in St. Michael.

The following paragraph is reproduced compliments of the Nation News

THE PIPERS were in Bridgetown on Tuesday, bringing merriment to shoppers and workers as the sounds of the Highlands filled City streets. The City Of Plymouth Pipe Band, which is in Barbados for the Celtic Festival, marched through Bridgetown before stopping by the Waterfront Café to entertain patrons.

Barbados for the Celtic Festival, marched through Bridgetown before stopping by the Waterfront Café to entertain patrons.

Crop Over festival

Barbados Crop Over  Carnival 2003

Today calypso is an integral part of the Crop Over festival, with thePic-O-De-Crop Calypso Monarch Competition being one of the most popular events. During the Crop Over season, numerous calypso tents perform several times weekly and performers compete for a place in the Calypso Monarch finals.

The enthusiasm of Barbados' young calypsonians ensures that the future of calypso in Barbados is secure. The Junior Calypso Monarch competition, serves as an excellent training ground for the calypsonians of the future.

Barbados Crop Over  Carnival 2003

Click and enjoy the Crop Over opening gala 2003 and follow the carnival and jump with Baje International

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Barbados Crop Over  Carnival 2003

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